In this article, I’m going to show you what to do if your Cell Phone screen is broken or cracked. All of these tips also apply to your iPad and iPod if the screen is smashed.

This is going to be a step-by-step guide on what to do when you just broke your iPhone screen.

If you just broke your iPhone, it can be very devastating especially if you don’t know what to do next.

You may have just been casually walking and you tried taking your iPhone out of your pocket and unfortunately, the screen cracked.

You may have just been using your iPhone, it just fell out of your hands and it wasn’t really your fault.

You’re now going to have to wait a while for your iPhone or iPad’s screen to get fixed again.

If you want this fixed super-fast, you’ll just have to scroll down to the repair options to see how to get it repaired in the fastest way.

No one wants to wait decades for their screen to get fixed and you don’t have to. You can honestly get this fixed tomorrow if you really wanted to.

First, I’ll show you what to do before you try and get your iPhone screen fixed.

Step 1: Stay Away from Any Broken Glass

If you’ve just broken your Cell Phone screen, there’s a chance that there may be glass just spattered around the floor.

If you can see bits of glass missing from your iPhone’s screen, make sure that you clean up any glass before you do anything else to your shattered screen.

The worst thing you can do after breaking your screen is to get a piece of glass stuck in your foot.

This is just going to make your day worse. So, clear up any pieces of glass on the floor before you try and assess the damage done to your iPhone or iPad’s screen.

If you had a screen protector on your device before you broke the screen, you shouldn’t worry about the glass being on the floor because your screen protector would have stopped it from falling out.

The best thing about having a screen protector on your device is that it protects the screen a bit more than if it didn’t have a screen protector.

Make sure that you don’t remove the screen protector after your screen has shattered because all the glass is going to fall out and it could get quite dangerous.

Just make sure that the screen protector stays on to ensure all of the glass is kept in place.

Step 2: Assess the Damage of your Cracked Display

After you’ve cleared up any broken glass, the next thing you have to do is to assess the damage of the broken screen.

The first question you want to ask yourself is how bad the cracks actually are.

If you can see a few lines on your screen, this shouldn’t be a major issue and you can continue to use the device a bit before repairing it.

If the screen is completely shattered, the best thing to do is to leave your device until you can fix it. If you use it more, you could end up destroying the LCD display on your device.

The next thing to check is what your iPhone screen looks like when you try and turn it on. If you tried to turn on your device and it didn’t turn on, you can check out this article on what to do when iPhone won’t turn on.

If your iPhone is looking static or your iPhone screen is red, you can check out this article on when to do when your iPhone screen is red.

If your cracked screen has resulted in your iPhone or iPad screen turning red, this means that your LCD cables have been disconnected from the logic board. So, you’ll need to get the display cables reconnected and the screen fixed.

The last thing to check after you’ve dropped your screen and smashed it is if the buttons are working.

If the buttons aren’t working, this isn’t good and it only means that it’s going to cost more to get the device repaired. You should check the power button and home button to see if they’ve been damaged in any way.

Step 3: Check if your iPhone or iPad Has Warranty

The next thing to do if you broke your iPhone screen is to check if you have a warranty and if you’re covered by AppleCare +.

If you are covered in any way, it could mean that you get to get your repair slightly cheaper.

You can use this tool created by Apple to check if your iOS device is warranted. If you have a warranty on your iPhone and you have a tiny crack on your iPhone’s screen, there’s a tiny chance that you could get the screen replaced for free, but this is extremely unlikely.

Before, you could be able to get your iPhone screen replaced for free if you broke the screen, but now Apple make it very expensive and they don’t replace anything for free if you have done the damage.

Step 4: Avoid Fixing the Screen Yourself

The next step is to avoid fixing your broken screen yourself. You’ve probably seen the small iPhone kits that allow you to fix your screen or other small components on your iPhone but these are only if you’re good with fiddley things and you’re not too bothered if you fully break your screen.

If you don’t care for the iPhone or iPad too much, you could try and fix it yourself. You can do this if:

You plan on getting a new phone very soon.You plan on giving the phone away.

Fixing your device yourself may help you brush up on your repair skills and it could help you prepare for any future damages.

Repairing your iPhone yourself can cost a bit of money and there’s no guarantee that you’ll do it successfully, so it’s better to leave the job to a pro. Someone that’s trained to fix a broken screen is going to have a lot more experience than you which means they’re going to do a better job.

Voiding Warranty

There is a harsh negative of fixing the broken screen yourself and that harsh negative is that it will void your warranty.

Even if you don’t have a warranty, if Apple finds out that you’ve gone against their policy and tried to fix the device yourself, they’ll refuse to repair it.

This is harsh and it’s a big deterrent for repairing the screen yourself. However, if you tried to fix it yourself, you can use another great company to fix your screen whether you’ve tried to fix it or not.

Step 5: Get the Broken Screen Repaired

The last step to take is to get the screen repaired. I’m going to show you a few options and give you my recommendations for the best repair service to go to if your screen needs repairing.

As an iPhone user, I’m always breaking my screen and I only use one service every time this happens and it’s Puls.

Puls Repair Service (They come to you)

Puls is an on-demand iPhone repair service that actually comes to you. You can schedule an appointment with them today and get your iPhone or iPad repaired tomorrow if you wanted to. And, if you don’t want the repair anymore, you can cancel it.

Puls is a much cheaper option than Apple and they send a trained tech to meet you at home, the office, at Starbucks (you choose the location), and the technician fixes your iPhone on the spot. You only pay when you’re satisfied with the repair.


Going to the Apple store is the best option for this but, you’ll need to go to the store and schedule an appointment. After you’ve scheduled it, they will give you a date to come in which could take a few weeks.

If you have AppleCare +, you can get your iPhone screen for $29. AppleCare + requires you to pay money which will make your repairs with Apple cheaper. If you don’t have AppleCare +, it will cost you way more to get your broken screen repaired. If you’re not in America, you can view the service pricing for your country.

Local Repair Store

Another option to get your iPhone or iPad’s broken screen repaired is to use a local repair store.

iPhone Doctor Repair Co.


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