# left is copy , right is orignial

“Original” screens are those containing LCDs manufactured for Apple. “Copy” screens are compatible replacements entirely designed and manufactured by third-party companies not associated with Apple.

We always advise our customers to go for the original screen. The difference in price is generally small, but the quality is far better.

Many other repair centres don’t offer the choice, but aren’t clear about the fact they’re using copy screens. Some will simply lie about this.

Copy screens are often lower quality in several ways:

1)LCD display panel can have poorer resolution(i.e. looks “coarser”), worse brightness, contrast and vibrancy and reduced refresh rate amongst other problems.

2)Digitizer (touch) performance is often substandard and probably the largest source of issues with copy screens.

Changes in specification from original can result in battery and performance issues. Certain badly-engineered screens could even damage the backlight circuitry.

3)Fingerprint reader– a part of the screen assembly- doesn’t always work correctly.

4)Copy screens generally break more easilyand are less resilient to everyday use.

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