Do you own an iPhone 6 Plus and suffer from no touch or flashing gray lines? Have you tried to bring your phone to a repair shop and they were unable to fix the problem.

There are two main symptoms of touch disease.

The first symptom is problems occurring with the multitouch screen. Problems include difficulty zooming or pinching as well as other gestures such as taps or long presses. Also, problems with the iPhone screen being unresponsive or not working have been reported.

Another issue users are seeing is a flickering gray bar across the top of their screens.

The repair process involves disassembling the iPhone and removing the motherboard to access the touch IC’s that reside on the back of the logic board. 

What is causing the Touch Disease?

Well, the answer to this question is up for debate. Apple believes this phenomenon is caused by users repeatedly dropping their phone on hard surfaces, thus “then incurring further stress on the device”. In layman’s terms, they’re saying users just aren’t taking care of their device.

Others, however, are reporting differently. According to Business Insider, it is believed that this issue is due to a design flaw on the iPhone. Any phone can be affected, regardless if it has been dropped or not. The problem they’re finding due to the soldering of two touchscreen controller chips that are built into the phone. “Apple has never officially acknowledged the problem, but independent iPhone repair vendors and Apple Store technicians have said that it is easily one of the most common issues that people need to fix.”

It’s possible that both theories are correct. Dropping your phone onto a hard surface can indeed loosen the soldering. Even if you haven’t dropped your phone, there are some phones that just have manufacturing flaws.

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