Comparison Between OEM and Aftermarket iPhone X Screen

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Recently many customers break their iPhone X Screen and asking a same question “Should I use the Apple Oem or the aftermarket iPhone X Screen?” Our Answer is Apple Oem ! Why?

Apple launched the most expensive cellphone, iPhone X, last year, the price starts at $999. The OLED screen used makes the price of iPhone X much higher than other iPhone that with the LCD screen. But to reduce the iPhone X screen repair cost, the aftermarket LCD screen has come out by the Chinese factory. Here let’s check the difference between OEM and aftermarket iPhone X screen.

1. Comparing the appearance

Comparing from the front, there is no obvious difference between aftermarket and OEM screen.

2. Testing the touch

Dragging the App icon and slide on the screen to test the screen touch function. Both of the aftermarket screen touches works properly.

3. Testing the screen display color ( it is a huge difference )

In the color displaying test, the backlight of aftermarket is obviously uneven and shadows appear along the edge of the screen.

Original = OEM (Original Color Tone)

OLED = Aftermarket (Darker and Blueish)

TFT LCD= Lowest quality aftermarket ( Sucks )

iphone x screen


iPhone Doctor recommends to use the OEM Screen , since the color is a huge different . However  9 out of 10 repair shops in Vancouver are just using the aftermarket screen because of the cost . It is quite hard to find a OEM one unless fixing in apple store.

Now iPhone Doctor Offers the Apple OEM Screen Replacement for $200 Only with 120 Days Warranty 15 Min Fix.

Limited Stocks Avaliable.

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